Things to do or see in the Great Himalayan National Park ,Kulu, Himachal Pradesh

The Great Himalayan National Park is dwelling to a number of rare and threatened species which includes chir pheasant, snow leopard, Himalayan musk deer and tahr, Asiatic black bear, blue sheep and serow. Several threatened plant species of IUCN Red-list are found in the park too. 

Pheasant species monal, khaleej and koklas, are found in plenty along with endangered one cheer, is found in the park which is also home of vividly colorful
western tragopan which can be seen during  jungle safari and bird watching.

Permits can be obtained from the Park Director at Shamsi or Range officers at Larji, Sairopa, Banjar or Sainj for tourists to enter the Park. Vehicles are not allowed inside and the visitors have to go along with the guide which is mandatory on foot. 

Timing of the park: from sunrise to sunset 
There is no entry fee for trekking in the eco zones but for the national park INR 50 for Indians and foreigners INR 200 per day

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