Things to do / see in Marine National Park , Jamnagar, Gujarat, India

The protected area of the sanctuary is nearly 165 Square Kilometres In all a total 935 Square Kilometres of area including Mangrove forests. The scenery of the superficial waters of the park is subjugated by a composite coral reef eco system, together with widespread mangroves. Excluding the loaded gathering of corals in diverse shape and size, mostly six species of mangroves are generally represented in this region. The mushy mud-covered mangrove marshes offer a paradise for marine creature, Flora and vibrant living corals.

Mangroves in addition prop up enormous breeding colony of painted storks, herons, egrets, spoonbills, darters, Flamingos, avocets, ducks, terns, gulls and little cormorants and Stints. egory-II area in the list of important National Parks of the world.

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