Mandarmani - the exotic beach resort of Bengal

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Mandarmani is a beach resort in the Purba Medinipur / Midnapur district in Southern West Bengal , India. On the beach, there is no electricity and after dark the only sources of light are the lights of the small beach-side shops which get their electricity from generators or batteries. As the evening progresses, the high tide causes the sea to rise. The sea takes up nearly a quarter of the entire width of the beach. If one had visited the beach for the duration of daytime, be careful as the sea will unquestionably be nearer in the evening

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The Beach the majority people are here to spend time at the beach. The waves tend to be tranquil, speckled with a small number of fishermen of Bengal going about their every day routine.
The Delta  At the last part of the beach, there is a 'mohana' the place where a river meets the sea. There are a number of fishing settlements as well close by. This place is about 5-6 Km from the focal fraction of the beach where majority of the hotels or resorts are positioned. The place is really stunning with a picturesque backdrop. On one side of the river there are thick jhau trees, whereas on the further side is the fishing village. A bit remote from the village on the further bank of the river is intense vegetation.One can observe the fishermen footing or wading through knee deep water while they lay their nets or to catch fish and crabs. Red crabs in Mandermani are observable over a huge stretch of the beach near the Mohana.

Unwind, swim and get pleasure from the beach. It is likely to have lots of visitors around and that's the attractiveness of this beach. Actions include fishing, table tennis, carrom, beach cricket, beach volleyball, along with boat cruises. Sunbathing is most excellent from October to February. On the other hand, this beach is not frequently visited by foreign tourists and so if someone plans to sunbath at this point, be sure to take into account the local culture. Please bear in mind to carry essential medicines as there is no shop in close proximity in case of emergency.Fresh fish and crabs are occasionally obtainable from the local fishermen.
The tiny shops dotting the beach as well sell small curios made out of shells and oysters. One can buy shell ornaments and further stuff. Beach balls, hats, toys, brought from the Kalindi market or Chawalkhola, are as well sold here.


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