Tourist attractions in Dharmsala , Himachal pradesh, India

St. John's Church Also called the church of St John in Wilderness, the delightful church of St. John was the ultimate place of rest of Lord Elgin, a British Viceroy of India in the 19th Century. It is located within deodar tress and 7 kilometer up from Dharamsala within Forsyth Ganj and Mcleod Ganj. Constructed during 1852, was shattered by the earthquake of 1905 and the church was rebuilt in 1929. The Belgian stained glass windows contributed by Lady Elgin draws attention. The church has quite a lot of memorial tablets and a elderly graveyard. Currently the Church is a secluded monument by the ASI. The church and cemetery remains open 10 am to 5 pm every day.

Tibetan Library and Museum has innumerable collection of books, magazines. Visitors can listen to lectures and attend classes on Tibetan culture and Buddhism.

Just beneath the Tibetan library is the Nechung Monastery which is the place of the Tibet's State Oracle. The oracle plays a main role to explore for incarnations of every Dalai Lama.

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