The Dalai Lama temple complex, Dharamsala , Himachal Pradesh India

The Dalai Lama temple complex is located on Temple road in upper Dharamsala and remains open every day, from dawn to dask. The Namgyal Monastery, the chief temple Tsug-Lag-Khang smaller shrine, home of Dalai Lama and administrative offices. His Holiness on a regular basis receive visits public. A café and a guesthouse can be found here.

Tsug-Lag-Khang is the key temple of His Holiness the Dalai Lama delivers his free teaching every March for ten days to visitors. A sand mandala in evolution which is the compilation of sacred texts, undeviating teachings of Buddha can be seen here. The temple houses extraordinary statue of Shakamuni Buddha, Padmasambhava the Indian yogi who launched Buddhism in Tibet and Avalokitesvara / Chenresig, of whom the Dalai Lama is the present emanation. Every tourist should stroll clockwise round the temple and the chorten / prayer wheels before being seated.

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