Things to do / see in Buxa Tiger Reserve, West Bengal India

The tropical rain forest of Bauxa receives a rainfall more than 500 mm each year has 160 species of vegetation and an array of creepers, orchids, grasses, bamboo and cane. Trees like Teak, sal, simul, sishu available in large numbers.

The wildlife of the park consists of 65 species of mammals, which include 22 endangered animals and 35 species of reptiles. In addition the Royal Bengal tiger the second highest in number in West Bengal after Sunderbans, elephants, bears, civets, giant squirrel, chital, leopard, buffaloes, antelope and python are present in this forest.

Nearly 235 species and variety of birds and countless butterflies put in colour to the forest. The rivers of Raidak and Jayanti which run in the course of the forest and the Narathali Lake are home to migratory birds in addition to common birds of India which are found in this area. The greater pied hornbill, wag tails, black necked crane, migratory common and large whistling teal, black stork, minivets are various of bird species can be part of bird watching.

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