Places / things to see in and around Buxa Tiger reserve, West Bengal, India

Alipurduar Court is an only some distance away from the tiger reserve. The main entry points are Buxa 23 kilometers and Jayanti 29 Kilometers. Buxa is two hours trekking through picturesque backdrop from Santlabari. Another tourist attraction, 

The Buxa Duar fort here was used as the prison by the British in India, for the reason that of remote location where lots of freedom fighters of India were kept captive. After independence of India the fort became a refugee camp for refugees from Tibet and Bangladesh. 

There are trek routes covering 4kilometers to Rovers Point which is the land of unknown birds at an altitude of 4500 feet and 15 kilometres trek to Roopam Valley in Bhutan. From Buxa, one can also trek 13 kilometres to Jayanti all the way through the stunning jungle with a guide. There is a stalactite cave, generally known as the Mahakal cave at Jayanti. Other entry point Rajabhatkhawa nearly 16 km from Alipurduar has an orchid garden and animal rescue centre and a nature interpretation centre.

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