Wild life in Indira Gandhi National Park, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu , India

The animals of this park is just as different as the vegetation. It has a portion of the more savage and forceful animals like Tigers, Panthers, Wild Boar, Sloth Boar and so on. Elephants, Pangolin, Sambar, Barking Deer, Mouse Deer, Spotted deer, Nilgiris Tahr, Civet Cat and so forth are found in expansive numbers. Arboreal creatures, in the same way as the uncommon Lion-tailed macaque, Bonnet macaque, Common langur, Nilgiris langur, Malabar goliath squirrel and Grizzled titan squirrel are additionally found in the park. 

Around 500 types of birds, including inhabitant and transient birds are found in the park. Types of birds incorporate Cormorants, Quails, Hornbills, Orioles, Storks, Eagles and Owls. 

Some of them are Racket Tailed Drongo, Wynad giggling thrush, Black Headed Oriole, Paradise Flycatcher, Whistling Thrust, Emerald Dove, Green Pigeon, Tickell's Flower Pecker, Rufus Wood Pecker, Rose Ringed Parakeet, Black Eagle, Great Indian Malabar Pied Horn Bill, Fiary Blue Bird, Green Billed Malkhoha and so forth. Top Slip is the fundamental birding region. There is a watch tower disregarding a supply around 1km from the edge of the Karian Shola on Top Slip. Huge numbers of the birds could be seen on the path and from the watch tower.

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