Things to do / see in Indira Gandhi National park , Coimbatore , Tamil Nadu

The vegetation that blankets a large portion of the Indira Gandhi National park recreation is of the blended deciduous assortment. There are rich evergreen and semi evergreen woods. The semi-evergreen and the wet mild territory of this park hold teak, rose wood and numerous different tropical species. The recreation center contains around 8,000 types of plants. 

A percentage of the uncommon and endangered types of vegetation, which are found in the Park are Combretum Ovalifolium, Dispyros nilagrica, Gymnopteris Contaimirans, Habebarai Reriflora, Polypodum Pleroupus, Alsophila, Bulbophyllum sp, Lasianthus uenuloses, Angiopterris Erectra, Gnetum Ula, Impaliens Elegans, Lycopodium cernum, Ranunculus Reniformis and Osmunda Regulis. Trees have bulletins with their organic names and different subtle elements.

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