Udaygiri rock Cut Caves Madhya Pradesh Vidisha , India

Goes again to promptly fifth century, Cave no 5 portrays Vishnu in a monstrous cutting delineates Vishnu as Varaha (Boar) incarnation. It is likewise called as Varha Gupha. The figure is holding the earth goddess Prithvi overtop upon one tusk. Yet an alternate expansive model is of the leaning back Vishnu. Columns of Sages, divinities and two male performers could be seen at the back and on the sides of the boards, pictures of waterway goddesses Ganga and Yamuna with figures of orderlies. It is case that these scenes speaks to the unification of northern India by the Guptas. 

Taken overall, this breathtaking gathering is a rich representation of the imperatives and quality of Gupta symbolization and structural planning.

Hole 6 has an entryway elaborately cut with figures of stream goddesses standing on makaras, sea-going creatures, and two columns with fluted capitals. On the dividers, there are extravagantly cut design boards of divinities on either side, delineating watchmen and pictures of Vishnu as Varaha and Durga. There is additionally an engraving of Chandragupta Ii above. 

Cavern no. 9 is celebrated around the world for its substantial cella and gigantic, 8 feet high columns, its long colonnade and pillared corridor. All around, there is proof that the expert skilled workers of Besnagar practised their craft with expertise and imaginativeness under the Guptas, four centuries later. 

Cavern no.13 is an open surrender of 12 ft long, exceptional for its substantial rock-cut model of Lord Sheshashayi Vishnu.

Best time / Season to visit : July to March 

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