Deepavali / Diwali the Festival of Lights

Deepavali or Diwali (Festival of Lights) is a striking festival of Hindus which is performed all over India. Celebration is done 21 days subsequent to Dussehra, it signifies the homecoming of Lord Rama (Hero of the epic Ramayana) to Ayodhya following his 14 years exile. Thousands of conventional clay lamps are lightened in homes throughout the country. Lakshmi  the goddess of riches and affluence is worshiped. The residences are unsoiled and decoration of floors with design and drawings (kolams). It is assumed that Lakshmi only enters dwellings that are fresh and gleaming. Persons put on new apparel, eat a wealthy and lavish feast and burst crackers. 

It is commended for five days. Every day committed to an extraordinary considered. 
First and foremost day - Dhanteras or Dhantrayadashi is commended in favour of goddess Lakshmi. Performance of  Poojas and reverential tunes are sung in acclaim of the goddess. Modest strides are made with rice flour and vermilion powder on the flooring of the houses delineating the entry of the goddess. Earthen lights loaded with oil having cotton wicks are orchestrated in perfect pushes along the dividers and parapets in the verandas.  These lights are lit in the nighttime and kept for the duration of the night. Sparkling lights are a marvelous display. 

Second day the Narka - Chaturdashi  or Choti Diwal, the festivals are dependent upon a legend of the killing of the  Naraka Asura by Lord Krishna. Customary early showers with oil are made and kum kums are connected on their temples. The accompanying days Goddess Kali is adored, books are revered, old records are settled and new ones are opened and the legend of the Asura ruler Bali is recalled.  On Diwali day, delectable sweets and gifts are shared around companions and relatives

Diwali date 2013 Sunday November 7

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