things to do / see in Panch Rathas - Kancheepuram / Mamallapuram / Mahabalipuram - Tamilnadu - India

While the Dharmaraja, Arjuna and Draupadi rathas are square on arrangement, the Bhima ratha is rectangular and Nakula Sahadeva ratha apsidal.

Confronting the west are the Arjuna and Draupadi rathas which are devoted to Lord Shiva and Durga individually. The Draupadi ratha which is the most diminutive of the part is a straightforward single storeyed cottage like hallowed place. Goddess Durga is spoken to on the outside and also inside dividers of the holy place as well as her specialists and lovers. Above the entryway there is a curve with the cutting of an ocean creature with a crocodile figure. Inside the hallowed place underneath her cut symbol, an aficionado is seen getting ready to cut off his own particular head as a present to the goddess while an alternate lover is seen adoring her. The ratha stand on a stage finished with models of elephants and lions on its sides.

Arjuna ratha is a pyramidal structure layered with columns and sculptures and (a dvitala vimana with a mukhamandapa) is finished with an octagonal arch. It appears to be comparative to the passages of South Indian Temples. Inside the temple is the model of a with folded legs Shiva inclining Nandi, his bull vehicle.

Bhima Ratha is rectangular in arrangement with a barrel vaulted top. The long four columnned patio in the exterior has situated lions cut before the columns. The more level part of the structure is unfinished.

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