Things to do / see / architecture of Thiruvalluvar , Kanyakumari - Tamil Nadu

The landmark, instituted at an expense of Rs. 6.14 crores is 133 feet high incorporating the platform, connoting the 133 sections of the Thirukkural -'aram, Porul and Inbam.'

The platform is encompassed by an imaginative mandapam regarded as alankara mandapam. Encompassing this mandapam stand statues of ten elephants meaning 8 bearings with earth and space down. 140 steps are developed inside the mandapam to empower the guests to climb upto the foot of the statue. There were plans to engrave select couplets from "Thirukkural" on the external fringe of the platform.

The platform is 38 ft high speaking to the 38 sections in the first part of the Kural the Book of Aram (righteousness) and the 95 ft statue speaks to the sum parts in the second and third parts of the Kural, Wealth and Love. Accordingly the statue symbolises the subjects of fortune and love dependent upon temperance. The right hand of Thiruvalluvar with three fingers indicating skywards, additionally implies the three cantos of  thirukkural.

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