Mughal Gardens , Rashtrapati Bhavan , New Delhi

Rashtrapati Bhavan is a splendid classical structure artifice of British imperialism with gigantic columns, verandahs, balconies integrated with distinctive Indian motifs for example Buddhist railings, chhatris (umbrella type structures that adorn roof tops), jalis (perforated stone screens with complicated designs) and chhajjas (stone slabs set below the roof ) amid. Besides the wide-ranging use of elephant motifs in the massive cast iron gate, pillars and basement, Indian temple bells are as well incorporated in its pillars. The most noticeable Indian feature is the colossal dome. On the whole the building portrays as a masterpiece of evenness, authority, profile and harmony.

To the west of Rashtrapathi Bhavan there is the graceful Mughal Gardens designed by Lutynes too. The garden which occupies an area of 13 acres, is alienated into three sections (rectangular, long and circular gardens) and is a combination of the formal Mughal style with the blueprint of a British Garden. The garden with Mughal technique canals, fountains and terraces at diverse levels with flowering shrubs and Western style lawns, hedges and flower beds is a visual delicacy especially all through the blossoming season. The garden grows an array of trees and flowers like roses, marigold, bougainvillea, sweet William, viscaria etc amid many others. To the east is the Great Court, a gigantic court with a gigantic Jaipur Column of red sandstone having a bronze lotus atop and six sharp glass star of India, in the middle. Along with the above, the Presidential estate extends in excess of an area of 354 acres with nine tennis courts, a polo ground, a golf course, a cricket field and a grove of trees of diverse species. Nearby, on each sides of the Raisina hill are the two Secretariat blocks planned by Herbert Baker. The Parliament House or the Sansad Bhavan is situated to the north east of the Rashtrapathi Bhavan. The roomy plaza at the foot of the Rashtrapati Bhawan is recognized as Vijay Chowk.

Visitors necessitate special permission from Government of India Tourist Office to go into Rastrapathi Bhavan. The Mughal garden is open to the public just in the month of February when the flowers are splendidly in bloom. The timings are from 9.30 A.M. to 2.30 P.M. on all days apart from Mondays. Every Saturday at 10.30 am, mounted and un-mounted troops parade in complete uniform, at the facade of the gates of the Secretariat and the Rashtrapathi Bhavan which is worth of attendance.

Rashtrapati Bhavan
History of Rashtrapati Bhawan

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