Pratapgad Fort / Venna Lake / Morarji Castle , Mahabaleshwar , Maharashtra

Pratapgad Fort is at a remoteness of about 24 km. from Maha baleshwar. Erected in 1656, by the by the famous Brahmans minister Tirmal Pingale, the then commander of Shivaji Maharaj intended to control the disloyal satraps of the neighboring Javali Basin. Standing 1,080 mts above mean sea level, the fort is constructed on a spur which fail to notice the road flanked by the villages of Par and Kinesvar. From at this point one can get an awesome view down the forested hill surface. Consist of a double wall through corner bastions, a road shows the way to the foot of the hill, then 500 steps run up to the peak. It was here that Chatrapati Shivaji exterminated Afjal Khan, commander of Bijapur and kept hold of the fort. One can see extravagant view of Konkan section from Pratapgad. One can as well trip Bhavani Temple and Afzal Khan Tomb which are in close proximity to the fort. According to myth, Shivaji was sanctified with a unsullied sword at the Bhavani temple. Contained by the Bhavani temple has twin lantern towers. Their exteriors are enclosed with frequently placed outcrop akin to enormous coat hooks.

Venna Lake It is the chief tourism in Mahabaleshwar, positioned a walking aloofness from Mahabaleshwar town. Made by Raja Pratap Singh of Satara in the year1842, the lake is stretched over 28 acres. Guests can take pleasure in a habitual boat ride or a horse ride to look at the exquisiteness of Mahabaleshwar. Colorful paddle boats and row boats are accessible from the lakeside. The lake is enclosed with a lot of foods and game stalls as well.

Morarji Castle Furthermore worth a glance, this is an elderly constitution in Mahabaleshwar. Mahatma Gandhi on one occasion lived here in 1945.

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