Sightseeing Mahabaleshwar, Maharashtrra India

Mahabaleshwar has more or less 30 designated sightseeing points.
Wilson Point or the Sunrise Point is a gigantic plateau and there are three masonry round platform. The second platform, which is the highest point in Mahabaleshwar is nearly 1 km away from the market region of Mahabaleshwar. Situated at 4735 ft above sea level, it proffers a gorgeous vision of the sunrise. Three surveillance towers provide marvelous views of the valleys around. From at this point one can as well observe the Kshetra Mahabaleshwar, Kate’s Point, Connaught Pick Point, Arthur's Point and Elphinstone Point.

Arthur’s Point is a captivating picnic spot is 12 kms away from chief market. Here one can take pleasure in incredible views of the unfathomable forested valley. Named after English man Arthur Mallet who was the first person to arrive here and erect a house for him. This is the solitary place that reveals the geographical difference between the Konkan and the Deccan territories of Mahabaleshwar. One can observe the densely forested Jaoli valley from this point. Underneath this point is Window Point, which is extremely hazardous and risky to draw near. On the approach to Arthur Point, one can see stunning Marjorie, Elphinston and Savitri Points, Castle Rock and a diminutive stream known as Tiger Spring.

Elphistone Point is exceedingly in close proximity to Arthur’s Point. The name of the peak is derived from the Governor of Bombay, Sir Elphinston, and was initially revealed by Dr. Murray in 1830. A well-liked mark with tourists, one can take pleasure in the attractiveness of the Koyna valley on the left and the River Savitri on the right. It is as well the paramount place for observation of the Pratapgarh and Konkan areas.

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