Things to do or see in Kalimpong, West Bengal, India

Flower Nurseries : Kalimpong is the solitary hill station in India, where lots of commercial flower nurseries are to be found. The flower nurseries here produce a variety of Orchids, Amaryllis, Anthirriums, Gerberas, Cacti, Gladioli and many more. Universal Nursery about three kilometers along Tista Road, Shanti Kunj, Twin Bros Nursery, Nursery International, Pine View Nursery are some of them. Flower festival is held in Kalimpong in October every year.

The Sericulture Research Institute is a renowned institute for the research studies in sericulture. Cultivation of silk worms and production of high quality silk is done in this institute. It is on the way to Darjeeling and one can experience the diverse process in silkworm farming and sericulture methods. Timings : 9.30 AM to 4 P.M

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