Umngot River at Dawki cleanest river in Meghalaya , India

Umngot River at Dawki probably cleanest river in India. Umngot located 94 kilometers from Shillong is the most important fishing zone for fishermen of India and Bangladesh. Umngot flowing all the way through Dawki a tiny but busy town in the East Jaintia Hills district close to the border of India Bangladesh and nearest city Shillong and Syllhet
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Dawki serves as a hectic trade route linking India and Bangladesh where hundreds of trucks go by every day. The river is the natural border line between Ri Pnar of Jaintia Hills with Hima Khyrim of Khasi Hills over which hangs a single span suspension bridge which is the entry to Bangladesh. Boating in the crystal clear water is a lifetime experience and the water is so clean that when seen from a distance, it appears as if the boat is floating in mid air and is the photographer'
s paradise.

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