Things to do or see in Neora Valley National Park, Darjeeling, West Bengal

The fauna or wild animals consist of endangered species like clouded leopard, red panda, and musk deer. Other species are leopard, civet, black and sloth bear, wild boar, leopard cat, goral, barking deer, sambar, Himalayan flying squirrel and thar. 

The park is the home of variety of birds like vulture, griffon, red legged falcon, great pied horn bill and a large number of migratory birds and many more. King cobra, common cobra krait, green pit viper, blind snake and lizards along with vibrant insects such as butterflies, moths, beetles, bees, wasps, bugs cicadas are main attraction of the valley which can be seen during bird watching and jungle or jeep safaris in the park.

The main entry of the park is Lava at an elevation of 7015 feet a small village neighboring the park and other one is Samsing at 3000 feet. There is a nature interpretation center and no motor-able road inside the park. Visitors can obtain permit from the park authorities in Lava or Samsing.

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