Things to do or see and Trekking in Dachigam National Park, Jammu Kashmir, India

Two vertical ridges surround the wildlife sanctuary with its huge topographical variety like deep gorge, rocky projection and sharp forested pasture. The vegetation includes grasslands, coniferous and mainly dry alpine forest. The Daghwar river flows through the center of the forest and is a main source of drinking water. The region of the lower Dachigam is easily reachable by road while upper Dachigam can be accessed only on foot.

Main attraction of the park is Hangul otherwise known as Kashmir stag or red deer the Dachigam park is a paradise for trekker paradise with numerous trekking routes and camping, bird watching, jeep jungle safaris together with its exclusive variety of wild animals, birds and plant species along with other flora and fauna.The diverse wild life and bio diversity includes leopard, palm civet, red fox, musk deer, black and brown bear and Himalayan weasel.

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