things to so or see in Vansda national Park , Gujarat, India

The nature of forest in the park are moist and dry deciduous covered with bamboos, teak , mango and more than 200 species of plants, trees and orchids with Ambika river flowing through the north east of the park. Tourists need to get permit from the Chief Wild life Warden, Gandhinagar or DFO, Ahwa get entry into the park. 

 The forest is a home of wild animals like leopards, python, antelope, pangolin, jungle cat, civets, mongoose, macaques, barking deer, giant squirrels, hyenas and different species of birds like great black wood pecker, malabar trogon, emerald dove, grey hornbill, racket tailed drongo, paradise flycatcher, thrushes, sun birds, pea fowls along with butterflies , spiders can be observed during bird watching and jungle safari in the sanctuary.

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