Things to do / see in Manas National park and tiger reserve Assam. India

Manas is dwelling to 25 of the most endangered and rare species of wild animals that include the golden langur, hispid hare, pygmy hog, red panda. The park has mammals and birds like elephants, tiger, panther, leopard, clouded leopard, gaur, wild buffalo, one horned rhinoceros, rare golden langur, civet cat, squirrel, sloth beat, sambhar, swamp and hog deer, otter, monitor lizard, gharial, python, great hornbill, florican cormorants, ergets and numerous species of migratory and Indian birds which can be seen during bird watching and forest safaries in the sanctuary. 

The major challenge and problem of the park is rhino poaching. Tiger The forests are tropical moist deciduous with swamps, wetlands are with vegetations semi evergreen plantations and trees.

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