Things to do or see in Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary ,Thattekad , Kerala, India

Flora and Fauna : The dense forest of Thattekad Sanctuary is perennial and has plnned cultivation of teak, rosewood, mahogany, venteak, maruthiis the home to 550 species of exotic birds which includes the rare birds pitts, barbet, bee eater, sunbird, shrike, koels and birds from different countries. October is the best time to see these migratory birds. 

Some other bird species in Thattekad are grey horn bill, malabar whistling thrust, eagle, grey heron, wood pecker, robin, owl, king fisher, hawk and many more. The wild animals are elephant, jungle cat, deer, sambhar, leopard, and species of reptiles likes python, king cobra, russels' viper and colourful varities of butterflies can be viewed in Thattekkad.

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