Jungle safari and bird watching in Pin valley National Park Spiti Himachal Pradesh, India

The trees and plants is thin in this cold desert shrubs are wild rose, hipochea, ephedra can be found here. The species of wildlife are snow leopard, snow wolf, Himalayan brown fox, ibex, Bharal, Himalayan blue sheep, red fox, mouse hare, marmots, porcupine, weasels and rare species like the wooly hare, tibetan gazelle etc. Himalayan snow cock, chakar partridge, hill pigeon, yellow and red bill chough, coots, teals and pen tails are the birds that can be observed during bird watching. 

 The wild and remote rough terrain makes the area hard to access for common people. Foreign tourists are not permitted and Indian natioals are need permit to enter this region from Deputy Commissioner, Shimla or Sub Divisional Magistrate, Rampur.

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