Things to do / see in Bindu, Dooars , West Bengal India

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Bindu is nearly 107 kilometers from Siliguri. The last settlement of West Bengal, Bindu is a valley surrounded with hills of Bhutan and India on the bank of river Jaldhaka. The road leading to Bindu itself presents an extraordinary experience. The Dooars area sets off straight away after crossing the Tista River at Coronation Bridge. The entire region is exceptionally attractive with its surrounding green vegetation. Most of the time travelling from end to end one can enjoy the plain with the hills at a distance of merely a few hundred meters. There is as well possibility of unearthing wild life on the way. 

Bindu is a gathering of diverse aborigines. The peaceful people of Bindu are busy either in elaichi or orange cultivation. Terrace cultivation is fairly common at this point. Just a few kilometers away from Bindu is the Godak village where on either side of the road Cardamom and Orange plantation and few villages of Bhutan, Paren and Bindu can be observed. While going towards Godak one can find Cardamom Curing Centre set up by the Government for the farmers.

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