things to do / see in Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary ,Gurgaon, Haryana , India

The park consists of tropical and dry deciduous forests namely Babul, Savannah grasses, Acacia, Jamun and Banyan trees. 

The park is famous for migratory and indigenous birds. Just about  250 types of inhabitant and migratory birds as per record of Sultanpur Park. Migratory geese from Europe and Siberian cranes and the Demoiselle cranes flock during winter in Sultanpur , Ruddy shelducks, Pelicans, Flamingoes, Bar headed geese, Spotted sandpiper, Darters, Gray slacks, Gadwalls, Mallards, Pochards, Shovellers and Teals. Localy found species incorporate plovers, Red wattled lapwings, Herons, Cormorants, Egrets, White ibises, Spoonbills and Painted storks. The Sultanpur lake and the park that surrounds it is the best best possible location to watch various collection of birds and a few reptiles.

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