Things to see / do in Betla National Park , Palamau, Daltonganj Jharkhand , India

The diverse features of eco tourism consists of a wide assortment of fauna comprising of elephant, puma, panther, wild hog, tiger, gaur, sloth bear, sambar, chital, nuntjac, nilgai, langur, mouse deer, monkeys, little Indian civet, mongoose, jackals, hyena, porcupine, pangolins that feed on ants and so on. Elephants in huge numbers are seen for the most part amid the rainy season up to the time when water sources start to go away in March. Birding in the forest with a huge presence of birds like horn bill, peafowl, red wilderness fowl, dark partridge, white necked stork, black ibis, quail, the pied born bill, wagtails, harial, dove, drongo , the crested serpent eagle, owls, papiha and different birds generally found in this dry deciduous forest.

The well known Kamaldah lake is the great attraction for water birds like common whistling and cotton teal, comb duck, snipe and goose. The rhesus monkey and the langur are the main attraction for  the tourists and visitors of the park. 

Known as one of the finest parks in the north-east for watching a collection of wild life from close proximity, there are elephant rides and jeeps safari with guides and spotting animals and birds inside the park. Watch towers and ground hides up have been built to view the natural life. Travel in groups is suggested. Timings are from 5 AM to 7 PM.

when  / best time / season to visit  : October to May

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