Things to do / see wildlife in Anshi National Park - Karnataka India

The forest of Anshi and Dandeli  is rich in uncommon types of verdure. A wide mixed bag of  trees, for example Teak (Tectona grandis), Silver Oaks (Grevillea robusta), Eucalyptus, Weeds (Lantana, Eupatorium, Parthinium), Bauhinia, Diodspyrus, Xylia xyrocarpa, Diospyrous Acacia and Bambusa are discovered here. 

This region was known for its manganese previously, the digging for which brought about untamed life moving far from the woods. In the later past, the mining has been ceased and the creatures are gradually returning back. So risks of seeing Elephants, bison ,panther are extremely less and constrained. Dark puma,  spotted deer, sambar, yelping deer, rodent deer, regular langur, sloth bear, gaur (Indian buffalo), wild pigs, fox, hat macaque, slim loris, mongoose, tiger, wilderness feline, jackal, pangolin, elephants, Malabar titan squirrel and the porcupine are presently seen in the recreation center. Reptiles incorporate King cobra, python, rodent snake, snake and the krait.

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