Birding / trekking routes in Anshi National Park, Karnataka , India

Roughly 200 types of fledglings are discovered in the recreation center. Some of them are Malabar hornbills, Ashy swallow shirkes, drongos, minivets, iora, brahminy kites, Ceylon frogmouth, yellow footed pigeon, peaked serpent hawk, assistant stork, dark peaked baza and peafowls. 

There is trekking office from the Anshi nature camp placed 3kms off the recreation center. All the 4 trekking tracks initiate from here. The treks are 1) Anshi Nc -Maingani village- Dodpoda nala- Anshi Nc (5.0 kms) 2) Anshi Nc- Anshi range office- Nesar temba- Anshi range office- Anshi Nc (10kms) 3) Anshi Nc-Matgaon- Chandkunga- Vaki Road- Kadra veiw focus Kadra (20 kms) 4) Anshi Nc- Matgaon-Devarmane-Vaki Dam site- Anshi Nc (20 kms). The third trek is the most challenging. The Nature Camp is overall kept up with tented and residence settlement and nourishment game plan. There are common and grand tents and a dormitory has 16 overnight boardinghouses cost extends from 50- 70 for Indians and outsiders separately. 

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