Macchhi Bhawan / Diwan-i-Am / Nagina / Moti Masjid - Agra Fort , India

Macchhi Bhawan : Opposite to the Diwan-i-Khas is the Macchhi Bhawan, a majestic enclosure intended for harem ocassions. The emperor used to sit on the white marble platform of the Diwani-i-Khas facing the courtyard. It on one occasion contained pools and marble fountains which were taken away by Jat Raja Surajmal to his palace at Deeg. On the other side stands a little mosque erected for Shahjahan by his son Aurangzeb.
Hammam-i-Shahi : To the right of Diwan-i-khas is the Hammam-i-Shahi or the Shah Burj. It is a well-ventilated apartment, connected with the residential quarters which was treated as a summer retreat.
Diwan-i-Am : The Hall of Public Audiences, finished of red sandstone, was erected by Shahjahan. It is at this point the emperor used to meet officials and common people and listened to the petitioners. The women of the palace could observe the court without being noticed by others from the pavilion all the way through jali (lattice) screens. The open sided, cusped arched hall (64x23m) set up of plaster on red stone, is very extraordinary. The throne alcove of splendidly decorated white marble finished after 7 years work during 1634 was used to house the renowned Peacock Throne afterward shifted to Delhi by Aurangazeb before it was carried away to Iran.
Nagina Masjid or the gem mosque is a private mosque constructed by Shah Jahan with characteristic cusped arches for ladies of the court. There is Mina bazar for the imperial ladies to buy things from the marble balcony underneath the Nagina Masjid.
Moti Masjid is located in close proximity to the Nagina Masjid is an entirely proportioned pearl mosque built in white marble. This majestic mosque has three domes in white marble that raise their heads above the red sandstone wall. Timing for visit : 7 to 6 PM


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