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Musamman Burj : On the left of the Khas Mahal is the Musamman Burj, an octagonal tower by way of an open pavilion put up by Shahjahan for his dearly loved wife Mumtaz Mahal. It is finished of delicate marble lattices with decorative niches for the ladies of the court to stare out, unseen. The chamber with a marble dome on apex is enclosed by a verandah with a gorgeous carved fountain in the center. The tower looks out over the River Yamuna and is conventionally considered to have one of the most heartrending views of the Taj. This is where Shah Jahan exhausted his last few years as a confined of his son Aurangazeb and where he lay on his death bed, staring at the Taj.

Diwani-i-Khas: (hall of private audience) erected by Shahjahan in 1636 –37 was used to greet kings, dignitaries and ambassadors. It is a three sided pavilion with a terrace of excellent proportions. Outside the structure is the marble throne terrace, where pair of thrones was kept. The black throne belongs to Jehangir. Currently, entry is not allowable inside Diwan-i-Khas.

Sheesh Mahal : Opposite to the Mussaman Burj and just beneath the Diwan-i-Khas hall, at the northeastern ending of the Khas Mahal courtyard is the Sheesh Mahal or the Glass Palace. It is supposed to have been the royal dressing room and its walls are inlaid by means of small mirrors, one of the most excellent specimens of glass mosaic decoration in India. The Sheesh Mahal is composed of two huge halls of equal size, every one measuring 11.15 m x 6.40 m. Both are linked in the centre by a wide arched opening and on the sides by two narrow passages.

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