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Vertical narrow steps descend to the zenana quarters – Rani Mahal. These palaces, built on enormous platforms, had elevated ceilings and walls covered with ornamental niches, alcoves and cornices, fundamentally Persian in design. The tall wooden columns, at the moment lost, expose the bare structure of the triple vaulted hall. Delicate arabesques in the roundels on top of the side arches comprise the graceful ornamentation on stucco. The Rani Mahal in its hey-days enclosed a world of luxury envy of the grand Mughals themselves.

There is also supposed to be secret underground tunnel leading from the 'Durbar Hall' to one of the palaces at the foot of the hill. The tombs of the Qutub Shahi kings erected with Islamic architecture are located nearly 1 km north of the outer wall of Golconda. These elegant structures are surrounded by landscaped gardens, a number of which having delightfully carved stonework. Outside the Fort are two separate pavilions built on a rocky distinction - the 'Taramathi Gana Mandir' and the 'Premathi Nritya Mandir' where the renowned sisters 'Taramathi' and 'Premamathi' resided. They used to perform on a circular dais atop a two storied structure, the 'Kala Mandir', which was noticeable from the king's durbar (king's court) on top of the Golconda Fort. The fortress city inside the walls was renowned for its diamond trade and the illustrious Koh-i-noor diamond is said to have come from here.

A new appeal at the fort is a sound and light show that convey the legend of Golconda to life. With a extravagant interplay of audio and visual effects, the story of Golconda opens out over centuries of splendour. The show livens up the splendid past and it is an experience worth watching. The show is presented in English, Hindi and Telugu.

Show Timings: Winter (November - February) 6:30pm, Summer (March - October) 7:00pm
Duration: 55 minutes , In English: Wednesday, Sunday,In Hindi: Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday In Telugu: Thursday Closed on: Mondays

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