Rajghat - memorial to Mahatma Gandhi

Location / position / history / importance / significance / photo gallery / visitors / dignitaries / architecture / design / entry fee / timing / other structures / associated memorials of Rajghat, Janpath , New Delhi , India
Timings : Open sunrise to sunset
Rajghat is a national shrine of India. The cremation of father of the nation, Mahatama Gandhi was done on 31th January 1948 subsequent to his assassination. Located on the banks of the River Yamuna, it is a very calm and peaceful place to visit in Delhi. About 4 kilometers away from Janpath, Rajghat is close to Feroz Shah and Delhi Gate on the Ring Road / Mahatma Gandhi Road. Countless visitors as well as political leaders pay their homage to Mahatma Gandhi. At the present time, it is habitual for foreign dignitaries who visit India to pay respect to Gandhi at this point, by laying flowers / wreaths on the platform.
The design of Rajghat was done by Vanu G. Bhuta, it has won a number of awards for its architectural design. The memorial is a black marble platform with a black memorial stone. It is located in the midst of a well maintained garden among fountains and plentiful remarkable trees that give the region a peaceful atmosphere.
In close proximity to the memorial, there are trees wih label planted by dignitaries who visited for example Queen Elizabeth II, Ho Chi Minh, the former Australian Prime Minister Gough Whitman and the former US president Dwight Eisenhower.

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