Samsing - perfect place in Dooars for nature lovers

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At an expanse of 82 km from Siliguri, it takes nearly 3 hours to arrive at Samsing from Siliguri all the way through the most pictorial landscape. Positioned at an altitude of 3000ft, Samsing is a pleasant chilly shaded place, perfect for lovers of the nature. The passage to Samsing is an unforgettable one, as one unhurriedly rides uphill all the way through the most charming Dooars tea garden on the undulating hill slopes.
Suntalekhola is the place where many tourists hang about overnight. The position is nearly four kilometers additionally up the road from Samsing. The road trimmings here close up to a minute stream named Suntaley Khola, Suntaley means Orange and Khola means the Stream. There are West Bengal Forest Development Corporation / WBFDC cottages along with a bicameral bungalow.

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