Things to do / see in Khangchendzonga National Park North Sikkim

The National Park and Sanctuaries has abundant vegetation consist of Temperate broad leaved forests mainly oaks, coniferous forests with fir, birch, maple, willow along with alpine grasses , shrubs at high elevation together with lots of medicinal plants and herbs.

The wildlife of the park are clouded and snow leopard, wild dog, thar, sloth bear, civet, Himalayan bear, red panda, Tibetan wild ass, takin, deer, reptiles like rat snake, russel viper and many other animals.
There are more than 500 species of birds in the park like Blood pheasants, satyr tragopan, himalayn griffon, tragopan pheasant, tibetan snow cock, asian emerald cookoos, sunbirds and eagles makes the park ideal for bird watching and jungle safari.

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