Architecture / sculptures of Konarak sun temple , Puri, Orissa , India

The joint structure of the Vimana (The fundamental sanctum) and Jagamohana  were imagined as a Chariot (Ratha)  of the Sun, drawn by seven hasty steeds, the chariot having 12 sets of 8-spoke wheels. Some say the wheels speak to the 24 hours in a day and others say the 12 months in its idea. The seven stallions make up the seven colors of the crystal. The surface of it is unpredictably cut with the absolute most fabulous models seen in India. Both the principle Deula and the Jagamohana, the remains of the Natamandapa (moving corridor )and of the Mayadevi Temple in the Sun Temple compound, are secured with stages, steeds, flower themes, huge legendary creatures, eccentric delineations of day by day life,  exchange, sensual figures of passionate dalliances, war and exchange and suggestive symbolism of human affection showed in endless structures as wonderful and point by point as those seen at Khajuraho. 

There are additionally immense creature statues: two lions protect the pyramidal passageway, and on each one side of the temple is a titanic war elephant, and a war stallion stomping on fallen warriors. The pyramidal top of the temple, made of sandstone, takes off in excess of 30 m in tallness and is built with extraordinary exactness. Near the temple aggravate the luxuriously ornamented colossal Navagraha chunk is honored in a shed which was initially set over the front entryway of the Jagamohana. On Saturdays and Sankranti days too amid the Magha Sukla Saptami (Chandrabhaga Mela) in February, lovers accumulate to love the Navagraha. 

The temple looks especially great at night as it is lit up somewhere around 6 and 9pm. Today the amphitheater with the Sun Temple as the background, is the venue of traditional moves amid the Konark Dance Festival in winter generally held from first to fifth December every year.

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