Things to do / see in Palolem beach , Canacona Taluk, south Goa, India

Palolem is a spot to unwind and for little investigations around. At the southern end of the beach one can discover a stream and close to this stream is an expansive container formed rock known as Pandava's Drum. Individuals frequently toss stones on the highest point of the rock. In the event that they hit in a specific spot at the rock, it creates echoes. This range is connected with brimming with Pandava legends. 

Some distance from the beach is Figueiredo House fabricated by the Figueiredo family in the early twentieth century as a beach house. It was harmed by vandals and it now houses a hotel called Neptune point. 

At the northern end of he Palolem beach is Canacona Island. It is otherwise called Monkey Island, on the grounds that it is briefly chimp occupied. Limited with rocks, one can arrive at here, simply by foot or take a ship or a kayak. Amid low tide, one can arrive at here by intersection two water bodies which are not profound. There is a little gorgeous beach between these two water bodies. One can likewise watch dolphins from here. There is likewise a probability to spot ocean urchins, ocean rockets, ocean cucumbers and a few groupers. The rocky landscape here is exceptionally fun and bold to investigate. There's an extraordinary perspective of the nightfall, ocean, rocks, sand and sky at the north end of Palolem from here. 

Arranged simply south of Palolem is the fusion of two beaches the Colomb beach and the fine Patnem beach around a kilometer long. The beach respects appreciate the nightlife of Palolem, which is simply a 15-moment walk away.

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