Hadimba Temple Manali, Himachal Pradesh India

Otherwise called Hadimba Temple, The Dhoongri temple is devoted to goddess Hidimba, the wife of Bhim. Inherent ordinary indigenous style it has a four-level pagoda formed top. Assemble by Maharaja Bahadur Singh, the 27 meter high Pagoda sanctuary has fine  wood carvings of creatures and plants. There is a legend behind Hidimba. Hidimba, was the sister of the devil Tandi. Bhima of the Mahabharata fell in love with Hidimba. Bhima executed Tandi in fight and wedded Hidimba, whose deep sense of being, coupled with her marriage to Bhima prompted her being venerated as a goddess. Today she is seen as an incarnation of Kali. 

Inside the temple is the little back picture of the Devi. The engraved foot shaped impressions on a dark rock are accepted to be of the goddess. The temple has multifaceted carvings of dancers and characters from different Hindu stories, horns of bulls and different creatures design the walls. It is an extremely prominent picnic spot for Indian tourists. Each May, a festval is praised in her name.

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