Things to see / do in Brindavan garden, Mysore, Karnataka , India

As a piece of beautification of the dam site, Sir Mirza Muhammad Ismail, the then Dewan (the CFO )  of the princely State of Mysore made an arrangement of creating a garden and he prepared the design of the garden having similarity with the Shalimar Gardens of Kashmir. The construction of the Brindaban Garden commenced in 1927 with its chief architect , G.h. Krumbigal, the superintendent of Parks and Garden of the Mysore Government. Renowned worldwide for its symmetric configuration, it has best planning , layout, lawns, countless pools, fountains. Throughout 60's these gardens have been the area for a few movies like Burning Train and so on, however now, shooting is strictly prohibited for security reason. 

Entry point of the garden from steps down from the center of the dam. Laid out in three patio establishment, the garden has finished steps where water streams in the middle of these luxurious steps. Placed in the North Brindavan Garden the main attraction of the garden is the musical fountains that jumps in cadence with music and light.

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