Things to do / see in Kovalam, Kerala , India

In the seventies Kovalam turned into a hippy idyll, an angling town giving crisp fish, leafy foods (coconut bear) settling a picture impeccable tropical shore. Later it formed into a laid back vacationer joint with a couple of fundamental yet agreeable cabins and improvised restaurants. Be that as it may today this little vacation spot is shipping many sightseers from all far and wide and has an extensive variety of settlement for the plan and extravagance travelers. 

Kovalam comprises of three contiguous coconut palm bordered bow beaches divided by rough projections. The southern most beach, checked by a noticeable red and white striped Light House, known as the Light house sunny shore, is the most prominent of the three. It is lined with cafes/restaurants serving delectable seafood particularly prawns and lobsters, bars and sellers offering dress, artworks, rugs, products of the soil and so on. Further south past the beacon, is the little town of Vizhinjam. Vizhinjam, hardly went to by sightseers is a significant place for angling. It has a shore of its own. The northernmost shore is the Samudra, specked with customary angling pontoons and is minimum influenced by the evolving times. In the middle of falsehoods the Hawah or the Eve's vacation spot. North of the Eve's shore on a rough projection lies the honor winning resort, the Ashoka beach resort which isolate the beaches into north and south segments. The resort has its own particular little area of private sunny shore and gives windsurfing and cruising vessel offices. Its a 15min. stroll between the Ashoka and the Light house.

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