Things to see in and around Baga Beach, Goa, India

Baga Retreat House : Located on the peninsular close of the Calangute shore is the Baga retreat house or the Casa de Retiro drifting on a slope. Made in 1953 by Father Le Tellier, this is a significant visitor spot close Baga beach. Committed to St. Francis Xavier, the retreat house is utilized for petition to God and contemplation.

Medicinal Spring : Located close to the Bom Viagem Convent, the Medicinal springs at Mottant is a perfect spot for picnics. The water here is accepted to have medicinal lands.

Sea Cure : Baga is likewise known for its ocean Cure. Consistently throughout the month of May, locals visits Baga beach and clean up in the ocean which they think about as a solution for form sicknesses like joint pain and joint torments.

Sangodd River Fest : A waterway fest, commending the Baga stream regarded as sangodd is commended in Baga yearly.

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