Things to do / see in Anjuna beach Goa, India

Anjuna is additionally known for the full-moon parties that are held here for youthful travelers especially throughout Christmas and New year. Campfires smolder splendid all as the night progresses and the music and cheer carries on till the morning. There is dependably some movement going ahead after the bug market and the music and the compelling sound frameworks keep the individuals stay on in the beach for long. There are various drinking spots on the vacation spot. The invigoration of Bungee Jumping from a 80 feet tower and water sports like paragliding and windsurfing upgrade the fun at Anjuna. 

Anjuna shore is a favorite spot of the hippies who used to lead the really popular rave beach parties. It was in the late 1950 to middle of 1960 that hippies began going to Anjuna beach to suffocate in their daze music with only formlessness for company. It is the hippies who began these rave beach parties wherein they might sing and move through out the night under the unlimited blue sky lit just by the moonlight.

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