River Rafting in Zanskar and Adventure spots in Ladakh Jammu and Kashmir , India

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Zanskar Valley is situated in Ladak and got the name from Zanskar River which has its way through a deep valley through the Zanskar range and way through solid rock to finish at the confluence of the Indus river at Nemu. The river originates at the border of Himachal Pradesh and Jammu and Kashmir from Plateau of Sarchu and runs a stretch of 150 kilometers. 

Initially known as the Tsarap river it passes through Padum the capital of the Zanskar valley and unites with Stod river which flows down the Pensi la pass before the origin of Zanskar. Zanskar river expeditions during summer are the best rafting experience through the one of the most breathtakingly awesome gorges in Asia.

Lots of expeditions are arranged in this river in summer which terminates at the confluence of the Indus and the Zanskar rivers at Nemu. The river in winter is renowned for the great Ice walk or chadar trek on the frozen river bed from Nemu to Padum and back and the duration of trek is ten to twelve days trek Chiling to the village of Lingshed and return.

best / ideal season / time for rafting : July to September 
Starting Points : Padum, Phey etc  Highest grade : Grade IV 

for chadar trek : mid January to end of February

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