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St. Catherine's Falls
Consisting of two water falls, Catherine Falls, furthermore identified as St. Catherine's Falls is nearly 12 km from Kotagiri and is in the region of 7 km from Aravenu on the Kotagiri- Mettupalayam Road. Starting at Aravenu, one has to set off via Moon Road to arrive at Catherine Falls. It is crisscrossed by the Mettupalayam Ooty Road away from the mountains and forms the higher stream of the Kallar River. It’s name has been derived after Catherine, the wife of M.D. Cockburn, the person to establish coffee plantation of Kotagiri and Yercaud. Falling from a height of 250 feet, this is situated in the midst of substantial forest which gives a splendid panoramic outlook of the forests, intercepted by tea gardens that reach as much as Kallar Nellithorai basin. The falls is the higher course of the Gaddhehadahalla brook that drains the Kallar basin. One can observe the Dolphin's Nose of Coonoor crosswise the great gap in the hills.

Kodanad viewpoint
Positioned at loftiness nearly 6500ft, Kodanad view point is positioned 18 km east of Kotagiri within the Kodanad Tea Estates. A paradise for the trekkers, the Kodanad view spot tender its visitors the incredible splendor of Thengumarahada, the reservoir of Bhavanisagar dam, the tea estates and the Moyar River. The Moyar gorge positioned amid the Deccan plateau and the Nilgiri plateau link the river Bhavani transversely the valley. From this point, one can perceive the country lies extend out one after an added into the perspective. One can get the splendid observation of green carpet like paddy fields of Tengumarahaada village rests underneath. The village is enclosed on three sides by hills. One can as well take pleasure in the vision of Rangaswamy Peak and Pillar from the observatory tower situated at this point and the striking sunset. But for the duration of the monsoon, the sight is frequently masked for the reason that of monsoon clouds soaring up into the sky. The Forest Department is carries out Thengumarada Trek which show the way downhill from Kodanad towards Thengumarada. One can find also a telescope at this viewpoint.

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