Jeep / forest / lion safari Gir National Park, Gujarat India

There are six routes in the park - the longest is 30kilometers. A few of the most popular routes for a drive are the Sasan - Kamaleshwar Dam, the Sasan - Kankai, the Sasan - Chodavdi and the Sasan - Tulsishyam routes. 

Visitors may be able to see lions with the aid of tracker and guide. The Gir forest department offer jeeps and guides on a each day basis. All visitors to Gir are compulsory to obtain entry permits from the Sinh Sadan Forest Lodge Office. The permits fee Rs 15 for the first day, and Rs 7.50 for each succeeding day. Extra charges are levied for cameras and for hiring vehicles : a jeep ride will charge nearly Rs 100 per person, and still camera charge vary from Rs 50 (for Indians) Guides are charged Rs 50. 

The Gujarat State Tourism Corporation offers a unique two day package tour to the Sasan Gir Sanctuary. The trip comprises reception at Keshod, the nearby airport from sanctuary, accommodation at the forest Lodge, a sanctuary tour, and a visit to Somnath.

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