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Chunar is renowned for its sandstone, which has been in use for centuries in all the inscriptions of Ashoka and pillars spread all through India. Ashoka pillars are the finest example, which was built with chunar sandstone.

Formerly known as Charanadri (Chunar is the distorted of Sanskrit Charanadri) as per Hindu mythology, Lord Vishnu had taken his primary step at this point in his Vaman incarnation. The place was in addition well known as Nainagarh. The place is moreover famous for its Chunar Fort which was founded by the king of Ujjain, Maharaja Vikrmaditya to memorialize the stay of his brother Raja Bhartihari who had taken his Samadhi in living stage. The fort is situated in the Vindhya Range of Mirzapur district about 45kms from Varanasi.

when / Best Season / time to visit: July to March

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