Entry fee / Timing / Light and sound show - Cellular Jail

The entire jail consists of 698 cells with seven wings which spread out like flower petals and hence the jail was called 'Cellular'. The central point of the jail had a tower with a turret linked to these isolated cells to an effortless watch.
There is a reference library wholly on the Freedom Movement with unique reference to Andaman and Nicobar Islands in the Cellular Jail, which had further than 200 photographs of freedom fighters, their biographies and autobiographies amongst other things. Certain paintings on the inhuman treatments meted out to the prisoners, utensils, vessels, uniforms etc. of the prisoners used in then, tools, machines which the prisoners were made to run etc exhibit here.  The jail was declared a national memorial on December 30, 1997.

A sound and light show is held here about the historical events regarding this jail. Admission fee to the Cellular Jail: Rs.5 Camera / Video charges : Rs.10 / 50 , Timings: 9.00 AM to 12.30 P.M. and 1.30 – 5.00 P.M. from Tuesdays to Thursdays.


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