Things to do or see in Sunderbans national park, West Bengal, India

The park is encircled by a buffer zone of 880 square kilometers which largely comprises of mangrove forests. The core area of the park is enclosed with the river Matla on the West, the river Haribhanga on the East and Netidhopani and Gosba in the North.

The Sunderbans national park has the estuarine mangrove ecosystem. The main attractions of the Sunderbans are the Royal Bengal Tiger apart from which wild animals and endangered species found here are delta harbour large reptiles like the monitor lizard, estuarine crocodile and Olive Ridley turtle for which there are conservation program in the park. The leopard, Indian and Javan Rhinoceros, swamp and hog deer and water buffalo have all become extinct from the delta in recent decades.

The park open for visitors from September to March though the best time to visit Sunderbans is during winters between December and February when the numerous migratory birds are can be spotted during bird watching.

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