Things to do or see in Sri Venkateshwara National Park, Andhra Pradesh, India

The flora or vegetation of the park is dry and moist deciduous forests in the valleys. Several precious tree species of red sanders, sandalwood, gymnosperm and many more are found here. The fauna or wildlife consists of tiger, panther, spotted deer, sambar, black buck, bison, ibex, sloth bear, pig,bonnet monkey, mongoose, wild dog, jackal, civet and jungle cat, rare and endangered golden gecko, Indian giant squirrel, tree shrew, lizards etc and birds like partridges, quail, peacock, jungle fowl can be spotted during jungle safaris and bird watching. 

There are trekking routes from Mamandur, a village close to Renigunta in the course of the shrub jungle. There is a stream at the back the stunning and graceful forest bungalow here erected by the British. Visitors need to take permission from Andhra Pradesh Forest Department for staying.

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