Things to do or see in Pushkar Lake, Rajasthan, India

Thousands of devotees take a ritual dip in the holy Pushkar lake on the day of the Kartik Purnima or full moon night of the Kartika and worship at the renowned Brahma Mandir or temple located at the last part of the lake it is nearly two thousand years old. It is supposed that Lord Brahma dropped a lotus from heaven on the Karthika night which produced the lake Pushkar with about 500 temples adjacent to the sacred lake.

Pilgrims assemble from all over India in Pushkar to mark this auspicious occasion. Semi circular in outline, it is encircled by 50 bathing ghats constructed by the rulers of Rajasthan. Nandi Ghat is believed to give fertility while roop Teerth for loveliness and attraction, Kapil Vyapi for leprosy cure, Mirkand Muni Kund for wisdom.

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